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Tam Kız Sohbeti: Aldatmalara Rağmen Bir İlişkide Kalmak

Perşembe günü, aldatan bir erkekle kalan bir kadının da sadakatsiz olup olmayacağını, ayrıca sadece bir çocuğu olan annelere yönelik damgalamaları ve çok daha fazlasını tartışıyoruz!


“Tam Kız Sohbeti: Aldatmalara Rağmen Bir İlişkide Kalmak” için 32 yanıt

And people need to know when they say something about people only having one child. I have one child and want another one so badly. Me and my husband have been trying so hard for another and no luck

Chile, I swear that’s it. And my trust in you once you step out of our marriage will take years to rebuild and I refuse to put my energy into someone who’s intentions I no longer understand. I will make sure myself I’m independent emotionally, financially, and independent before and during any relationship I enter and especially during a marriage.

I need help! I found out my husband has been using tinder, while I was pregnant he was sending messages to other woman. He says that he didn’t had any sexual intentions and he was doing it just for his ego and because of boredom. What should I do ? Also I was pregnant while he was doing that. I don’t know what to do.

My first and only infidelity(from what I know)happened during my teenage years with my first love of 14yrs…I stayed because i wasn't prepared to leave(financially & emotionally)I was working and going to school…But after i realized my value and graduated..I disappeared and left everything behind…Never returned…Started from scratch..Best decision ever made…Since than..Never again would i allow such behavior ..especially when my loyalty is being compromised…I suffered..I learned and i changed…Life goes on…🙏

They stay because not everyone is a millionaire like you and can just up and leave. They don't stay because they want to. Marriage is complex and every situation is different. Celebrities just make everything seem so easy, but it's not easy for the average person with kids. And there is nothing wrong with forgiving a spouse that cheats as long as they are willing to do the work to rebuild trust. PLENTY of people have done it and their marriages are good. My question is why the next wife thinks that man won't cheat on her – huh Adrienne?

guys I've been through this. When one decides to just forgive and try once more, it could turn out better. This only works whenever the cheater is willing to change and give up all foolishness to be with you. You that gave it a second chance should know it won't become different right away. You will have ups and downs and at some points will think and rethink because you were hurt yes. But once you two go past t his stage = It can be a positive. It is possible.
Again- this is optional. You can try or Nah.

I think people should stop thinking that everybody in the world operates the way they do. Some women can stay. Some women can’t. Some women learn to love again. Some women can’t get past it. Everybody is different. People don’t handle situations in the same way and there is no rule book when it comes to feelings and relationships. You just live and do what’s best for you.

If a man cheats I'm done. For others who chose to stay despite infidelity, if that's what you chose dont complain when it happens, I dont want to hear ot cuz you are choosing to stay. So why are you staying?

My husband and I worked it out after infidelity, we had a really sad 6 years, we found each other again and we committed. We found trust and are both sincerely happy! 6 years.

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