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TAM KIZ SOHBETİ: 5 Mart 2020

Bugün, karnelerini yüksek sesle okurken çocuklarını kaydeden ebeveynler hakkında ve ayrıca öfkeli kekler hakkında sohbet ediyoruz.


“TAM KIZ SOHBETİ: 5 Mart 2020” için 23 yanıt

just saying. these women are such a bright spot during this time of crisis.. listening to them is getting me through so much these last few months 🙂 THANK YOU LADIES <3 makes me feel like I know them and have girls right here in my living room to chat with 🙂

Tamera I love your naturally curly hair so beautiful! I also have curly just like yours but I did so much to it wish it looked healthy like yours I'm in the process of trying to restore it. do have any advice of any kind if you use any products for naturally curly hair?

Parents scream and holler at their children and in my case got whoppings for bad grades, but I truly didn't understand the work. It made me feel super stupid. Not to mention being bullied which is a different story

I've stopped watching the real because Tamera has left the show. She made the real, fun and awesome to watch. Not that i don't like the other ladies but no without Tamera, the show is lame.

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