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TAM KIZ SOHBETİ: 17 Nisan 2020

Bugünkü programda, karantinayı ciddiye almadıklarında aileleri evden atmak hakkında konuşuyoruz ve ayrıca siz evde tıkılıp kalmışken seks yapmaktan bahsediyoruz.


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LONNIE, can you ladies please do a segment on THE NEW WAY TO SNEEZE AND COUGH INTO OUR ELBOWS? If you all demonstrate the proper way- you will absolutely influence all of us so positively for good health. We have still seen celebrities sneeze into their hands – just out of habit. Could you help us grab hold of THE NEW HABIT- into our elbow area please?:-?

I definitely agree! I haven't seen my boyfriend in probably longer than a month. My mum is a midwife so she does come in contact with infected mothers etc but i don't wanna be the reason why she gets it and then passes it to mothers and babies. Staying my ass home until this is all over..

Genetic testing is very important..y'all should do a segment on it especially with Adrian wanting to be a mom. Its funny Cuz u see a man or women like oh they are gonna make cute kids not knowing you and your others genetics. Best of the blessed knowledge is food for the mind be mindful..

I love the girls and I feel like this is truly “girl chat”…..which is why I get a little annoyed when Tam’s kids are brought into the frame. It’s like being at my girlfriend’s house and being interrupted by her small children. There is a time and a place and this is not it. Sorry, not sorry.

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