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Royale High’da Ücretsiz Halo Hack (Çalışıyor mu?)

Bu videoda Baykuş, 2021 deniz kızı halesi veren bir tüyo deniyor. İşe yarıyor mu? #RoyaleHigh #DenizkızıHalo #HaloHack


“Royale High’da Ücretsiz Halo Hack (Çalışıyor mu?)” için 50 yanıt

I won the mermaid halo 2020 but my phone broke and then my account got kicked out of roblox and I have to reset my password but I don’t have a email connected to it or a phone number

Ik im late but as someone who has won a halo before ill tell you what would happen

So first you would have to pick a answer then right when you do that you will get a badge then ur screen will turn a color the color depends on the halo and then etc.

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