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OMEGLE Çağrılarını Hacklemek Şaka (Komik Tepkiler)

Sonraki Omegle Videosu! 👉 Akış: Twitter: Reddit: Uyuşmazlık: Insta: 👉 TIK TOK: içerik oluşturucuyu açıklamaya eklemek için kullandığım arka plan şarkısı: myuu – Şüpheli CC: Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) Just No Copyright tarafından tanıtılan müzik ツ


“OMEGLE Çağrılarını Hacklemek Şaka (Komik Tepkiler)” için 41 yanıt

That little kid got the exact lesson she needed, I'll bet you money she never types those words into her computer ever again, that scared her to her core. This is good work while simultaneously having great entertainment value. 👌

A 10 year old giving out their address to people especially the ones on omegle is terrible. She shouldn't be on there anyway and the parents need to teach her about being safe online. Hyper handled it well though

11:15 the way to help her, is to get your wife in their, not keep popping up with your intentionally creepy look.

After this, I lost all desire to even want to laugh. At least I think this girl won't be back on the site, so good for that.

Edit: in the end you did help her, glad to see she was laughing at the end. Also, I've seen my dad's pee pee

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