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My friends and I discovered these chatterbots a few years ago. We kept fooling around with the Ultra Hal ones because of the hilarious stuff they would say. Check out the "Hampy the Hamster Expert" one they have right now, and try asking it dirty questions.

@Xaeron187 well, technicaly it does do as we do, it's just on a much lower level. like, if i say you look like shit, you'll get mad and say fuck you, because you're instructed to do so by your brain and instinctive "programing". We are just much much much more advanced, but we do get our responses from a database as well.

Allthough, the computer doesn't "think" for itself, it uses a scripted database in which is saves information and gets information from. It doesn't "think" as we do, it's merely an replicating social behaviour. Quite cool anyway :p

Me:I am not yet even in my teen years, so I go to primary school, I had a holiday this week
ALICE: I am sorry to hear that you are not yet even in your teen years so you go to primary school you(mistaken for I) had a holiday this week.
Me: You had a holiday this week like me?!
ALICE: What happened to it. OMGWTFBBQ happened there lululullu

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