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Kotlin Kullanarak Android Studio’da Sohbet Uygulaması Oluşturma | GeeksforGeeks

Bu videoda, Android Studio’da Kotlin kullanarak nasıl Sohbet Uygulaması oluşturulacağını tartışacağız. Uygulama bir Kaydolma / Giriş Sayfasından oluşacak ve diğer kullanıcılarla sorunsuz bir şekilde sohbet etmenizi sağlayacaktır. O halde şimdi başlayalım. İlgili Makalelere Göz Atın: Komple Kotlin Eğitimi [
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“Kotlin Kullanarak Android Studio’da Sohbet Uygulaması Oluşturma | GeeksforGeeks” için 48 yanıt

First of all thank you for this amazing chatapplication got to learn new concepts. I followed the steps as shown but I don't know why as soon as I login the window takes some time and the app crashes. Although I have installed all the dependencies.
Can you please help me out

error will be generated like —> ERROR:D:Android Projectsappbuildintermediatespackaged_manifestsdebugAndroidManifest.xml:30: AAPT: error: attribute 'android:name' in <activity> tag must be a valid Java class name.

আলহামদুলিল্লাহ খুব দেরিতে অল্প অল্প করে সাপোর্ট পাচ্ছি 🥰আল্লাহ রহমত করলে আমিও দ্রুত সফল হবো ইনশাআল্লাহ 😍 আপনারা সবাই আমন্ত্রিত মেহমান হয়ে এসে এই ছোট পরিবারের ১টা করে ভালবাসা দিয়ে যাবেন ধন্যবাদ 🥰🥰

hello Can you put theis app google play ? is that any securty ıssues about these app ? I am not going t copy these but I am trying to make these kind of application .I just want to learn that If i do this kind of app google play accept this ?

thanks !

Great Tutorial!!! But I got a sticky question: "How do I implement a security rule so no user with access to the firebase realtime through console could change any value on the database?" For example, how to avoid that someone could change a message text through firebase console?

please help.. why does the .. build.Gradle(chat Application) file.. not have dependencies?? i cant past the code form the Firebase to the file as its diffeerent to yours?? and it wont sync.. please help.. great vid though

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