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“Görüntülü sohbette daha DUYUSAL VE HEYECANLI olmamı istiyor” | Cool Cousins ​​Podcast

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““Görüntülü sohbette daha DUYUSAL VE HEYECANLI olmamı istiyor” | Cool Cousins ​​Podcast” için 12 yanıt

For everyone that is open to screen spice keep in mind it can be screen shot so if for some reason there was a falling out or rised anger your spicy screen shots may be leaked or if the phone got stolen and was able to accsess photos

She should wait and see where they are going its very fast just a few weeks or couple months. When she is more comfortable with him, meets him and has a more SOLID ground then if she feels comfortable if/when the intimate time comes then it will come NATURALLY if ones not comfortabe theyll feel horrible when its done

If a man or women respects the other they will wait and not pressured into something

I think the majority would prefer intimacy through an in person experience. for those of us who are in a long distance relationship, closed borders forces us to be creative in the realm of intimacy to be closer to our significant other. Sure sexual desire comes with the attraction but i just want to physically touch and hold the man I love more than anything..and when we do get pictures or video chats..the satisfaction is short lived because in the end it’s painful to see them live, but not be able to reach through the screen and feel Thier skin..or a kiss, a whisper, a real laugh, I can’t lean on his shoulder, I can’t hold his hand, I share a secret in his ear.. all I can do is look though a fucking screen and imagine and hope and wait for that day..that day you’ve no idea when will come..to see him.

You wait.

Your forced to be times bitch, and wait for the day you’ll see them in person. The days are long..and hard. But you don’t give up because it’s worth finding out. True love is always worth finding out.

Love you guys- Lynn

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