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Gerçek Zamanlı Sohbet Uygulaması | React, GraphQL ve Web Yuvaları

React, Apollo, GraphQL Abonelikleri, Web Yuvaları ve Modül Federasyonu Jack Herrington ile gerçek zamanlı bir sohbet uygulaması oluşturalım YouTube Kanalı: Kod: React başlangıç ​​projesi: Apollo istemcisi: Graphql-Yoga: 💖 Kanalı Destekleyin! Web Sitesi ve Brad Traversy Udemy Kursu Bağlantılar: Traversy Media’yı Takip Edin: .

“Gerçek Zamanlı Sohbet Uygulaması | React, GraphQL ve Web Yuvaları” için 20 yanıt

Great Video! Thanks a lot!
I'm quite new to React and GraphQL. For some reason I couldn't get 'shards-react' to work as soon /long as 'subscriptions-transport-ws' was installed.
It kept on failing to find 'shards-react' modules – that is – it failed to compile with "Error: Can't resolve …".
Upon dropping 'shards-react' everything worked (but wasn't as visually appealing 😉 )

Hi , I am learning graphql
Right now I am working with graphql subscriptions and I am stuck with a error in the response of the subscriptions server

The error message is… Cannot read property 'asyncIterator' of undefined

Pls help..

Could anyone explain why he maintains a list of channels, 1 per client? Why can't the messages all be publish to one CHAT_CHANNEL channel instead of multiple? As the number of users grows, there's going to be more channels, and having to iterate over them every single time a message is sent doesn't seem efficient.

just passing by to say that i disliked messing with databases for the past 5 years as a frontend developer, and this class TWISTED THE SHIT OUT of the limiting beliefs i grew used to. i think that was the most relevant tech content i've ever watched & coded along, which will be immediately added to a project i'm carefully building.
thank you Brad and Jack for the coordinated effort!

(electron) Sending uncompressed crash reports is deprecated and will be removed in a future version of Electron. Set { compress: true } to opt-in to the new behavior. Crash reports will be uploaded gzipped, which most crash reporting servers support.🙁

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