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CANLI ÇEKİLİŞLER & JAMERRILL ile Canlı Sohbet 🎉 CANLI "Bebek Mutfağı!"

Hey, hey, Sürpriz!! Bu öğleden sonra 2PM EST’de CANLI ÇEKİLİŞLER & CANLI sohbet sohbeti yapacağım! Geniş Aile Masası Topluluğuna yıllık BİR üyelik hediye ediyorum (%57 İNDİRİM için katılmak için *son gün* ve benden her zaman TONLARCA hediye alacaksınız 🎊). Ayrıca en çok satan Büyük Aile Dondurucu Yemek Paketleri, Yavaş Tencere Yemek Planları, Sac Tava Yemekleri ve *çok daha fazlası dahil olmak üzere 30’dan fazla ürüne sahip olabileceğiniz BİR *2021 Süper Mega Paketi* hediye ediyorum!!* Yani, sakın unutma, BUGÜN BEBEĞİM MUTFAĞIMDA CANLI YAYINLA BANA KATILIN!! .

“CANLI ÇEKİLİŞLER & JAMERRILL ile Canlı Sohbet 🎉 CANLI "Bebek Mutfağı!"” için 25 yanıt

GIVEAWAY UPDATE: Join https://large-family-table-community.teachable.com/ LFTC for 57% OFF ENDS TONIGHT!! Also, for the GIVEAWAY, we've had issues when my plan to "make it easy" 😝. Let's try again! I created this post explaining everything and NOW GIVING YOU SEVERAL DAYS TO ENTER https://largefamilytable.com/big-giveaway-win-a-one-year-membership-or-super-mega-30-product-bundle/ so head on over now. Tell your friends and enjoy the extra days to enter, yay!!

Ur kitchen is going to be absolutely gorgeous!! Yet WELL DESERVED!! im bummed i missed the live but had to run n get my child from her friends…oh well maybe next time! But ty for leaving it up so i still was able to watch it!! 🥰🥰

Hey Jamerrill, I’m a mama to 5 and a nurse working Fri, Sat, and Sun, just like you used to. I enjoy watching your videos because I dream of homeschooling my children and living out in the country on some property. Not sure either of those things will get to happen for me but at least I can dream through your videos. Thanks for sharing!

I really wanted to join your Large Family Table Community. Though even working as a nurse, I still have to budget. I have spent more money on random things which add up way more than your discounted yearly subscription but getting past the hubby with the lump sum payment at this time of year I unfortunately couldn't do. Would you consider doing quarterly subscriptions with discounts on your next open enrollment like $40 for three months. More people may be able to afford it that way. I don't know how much work it is to set it up quarterly but for longevity of your community, it may help. I'll still be your faithful subscriber here on Youtube and other social media. Thanks for all the work you do!!

Do you ever feel like you just need to get away from your daily work and family etc and just get a little alone time? You are an awesome homemaker and I can't even imagine how you have time to do all that you do. Your awesome and we all love you so please keep up the great things you do. Will you still be doing the original things like the freezer meals etc for those of us who can't join the commumity pack?

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