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I just heard the part about the girl whose bf had been on Tinder. I started crying when you said how she would find someone who would want to be only with her and that other girls wouldn't even be on his mind and that she deserves so much more. I have been with my bf for 8 years. We have talked about marriage and kids and we want both. However recently he has decided to that he wants to be polyamorous and date multiple people because he "has a big heart and can love multiple people." I have tried to do it because I love him but it is slowly killing me because my heart is monogamous. So hearing your tell her that, hit my heart really hard. Thank you for that. It was something I desperately needed to hear.

Since I was told about you, I've been following your channel and think you're an amazing person will keep watching your videos as I love your makeup looks especially the green eye shadow look you have on in this video PS I know I'm a little late watching your videos, can't wait to see more

The first video I watched of yours was when you tried the mascara that used your footage for advertising. I have been watching you for about 6 months and have watched basically all of your videos. Love your videos and congrats on 1 mill.
IG: lauren_mg14

11:41 & meet in a crowded public place, don’t meet the first time in yours or there house, make a code word with a friend that when you texted that word you need help (like: when you live close to the sea and you’re going to meet there you can use “sand” as your code word, so you can use it without your date knowing what’s going on), make sure you tell a lot of people where you’re going to meet and give them information (like full name of the person and maybe a family member name) about your date, …

Aww soph I get you hon, I tend to get my anxiety up when I know I have a big day out or something really important, I get really bad twitches in my lip or eye , cheek it it’s really bad lol 😂 and I start to feel like everything is very loud and it gets too much 🥺 it’s the weirdest feeling to feel like your hands are heavy or big lol 😂 I get that too lol . I can now feel if I have a panic attack in the works so I close my eyes and do concentrated breathing, I also tend to listen to music so I’m not triggered by loud noises or something dodgy going on lol 😂 I also find my creepdar is on full all the time, it’s almost like I’m psychic as I always know when someone is giving me nasty vibes or there is something wrong with them 😒😰 I knew when my neighbour was not right, we found out later that he was a pedo 🤬🤬 love 💕 your advice by the way soph, you sound like me giving advice 🥰

With cahms I had the exact same thing and they told me that I was just making it up and then I ended up in such a bad place but talked to my parents more and became so much happier xx

To the person who asked how important GCSEs are in life, I left school with one GCSE. I didn’t work for years as I was bringing up my daughter but when I was 34 I applied for a job in an office and got it. I think it’s more important to be sincere and show you are really interested in the job you are going for. My husband has no formal qualifications and has never been out of a job. Good luck. Xx

Theres bars/clubs etc where I live that have posters saying to ask for Angela at the bar if you're meeting someone from tinder/on a date that doesn't feel right and they'll help you get out/away discreetly.

You say you compare yourself to everyone else, but think about the thousands of girls (and boys!) who compare themselves to you! You may not think you’re as “beautiful” or as “gorgeous” or as “curvy” as some other people out there, but to other people, you’re their beauty inspiration! Don’t put yourself down, as my boyfriend always says to me “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”- there may be things you don’t love about yourself, but other people will love those things about you ❤️

When I did my GCSE exams I would revise all day at school then I’d walk home and go for a run to get a break from it and then revise another two hours in the evening 😊 it helped me. I just recommend being active when you have your breaks

You Soph are beautiful. Please don’t think of others in your industry as better or more beautiful than you. You are you, simple as that. You are such a positive role model for today’s youth. You are honest, trustworthy, diligent, positive and a hard worker. You stay away from online drama too. If more you tubers were more like you, that would be a good thing. Stay true to you, that’s what we love most about you.

Also on the GCSE thing, if you fail your resit you will be given the choice of doing a foundation level on it.
I remember failing my Geography resit and my teacher offered to put me on the foundation paper.

I've struggled with PTSD, BPD and an eating disorder since I was sixteen but never out reached out for help until the end of my first year at college. Which was more of the talking about your problems (what we in psychology would call person centred therapy) and it wasn't useful to me either. I started dialectical behaviour therapy when I was 18 after ins and outs of psychiatric hospitals.

I'm now 22, waiting for NHS and currently in my transition period from private therapy (it is pricy as heck) to NHS therapy. I'm now at a much better place, studying to become a psychologist myself. I want to show those that are struggling that no matter what who you are, what's happened in the past, your age or what issues you're struggling with, you can recover. It's hard to see it sometimes, but it is possible. Not only is it possible, it is amazing to see how far you've come and how far you'll go. I've learnt loads from just observing how my therapists interacted with me and the ups and downs we've had about which pitfalls to avoid when being a therapist myself in the future.

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