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1994’ten L7’den Jennifer Finch ile eski AOL çevrimiçi bağımsız sohbet MTV raporu?

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“1994’ten L7’den Jennifer Finch ile eski AOL çevrimiçi bağımsız sohbet MTV raporu?” için 3 yanıt

AOL (owned now by Verizon) has decided to eliminate chat rooms from their service. Yet, surprisingly still charging people $4.95 (plus tax) per month to use AOL desktop Gold. They claim that all other AOL features will still be available. Although, there are no other features of AOL that warrant the monthly fee. AOL Gold only provides three things- One is AOL email address which is free of charge. Second, the Desktop Gold provides hyperlinks to other websites. These websites can be accessed for free using any internet browser. Third, is other websites or other programs that advertise their services for a separate fee. All three of those, add no value or benefit to using the AOL Desktop Gold. I have thoroughly researched Desktop Gold and explored every corner and options available. The results were the three things that I just mentioned and nothing more.

After leaving the AOL room, I was not able to get back in at Midnight on December 15th, 2020. Even the Community Listing was only showing the standard AOL warning message. The Warning message says as follows: "We're shutting down the AOL Desktop Gold chat rooms. As of December 15, 2020, members will no longer be able to use Chat Rooms. All other AOL Desktop Gold features will continue to function as expected, and there will be no other changes to your account or email service. For more information, Check out our help article. "

The first mistake AOL made was changing from AOL 9.8 to AOL Desktop Gold. The old program ran more smoothly, had less malware and more features on it. The second mistake was getting rid of Instant Messenger (IM). It allowed you to send an instant message to other AOL members. The third and final mistake is eliminating chat rooms. I think that AOL had the intention of doing all of this when they were bought out by Verizon. However, they would never disclose that because it makes them look bad. By phasing out features slowly, it has less of an impact on customers. That is the theory that I am proposing but cannot validate without proof. I do not think an alternative will appear, although I might look into Wireclub!!

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